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Nothing idea is safe. No best practice is sacred. Here, get serious about what works, so that you can punch above your weight in the war for talent.

The Integrated Employer Brand

EP 151 – The Integrated Employer Brand

The Hatfields and McCoys. The Capulets and Montagues. Cats and Dogs. Me and Decaf. Employer brand and marketing. These are the feuds that never seem to die.

What might be missing from your employer brand is to end the madness and make better friends with the marketing team, not just to access their tools (and budgets), but to move your organization towards one where employer brand and marketing aren’t just civil, but integrated.

Welcome to the future of the integrated brand.

Show notes:
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EP 151 – The Integrated Employer Brand

The Hatfields and McCoys. The Capulets and Montagues. Cats and Dogs. Me and Decaf. Employer brand and marketing. These are the feuds that never seem to die. What might be missing from your employer brand is to end the madness and make better friends with the marketing...

EP 150 – Employer Brand 101

There are lots of articles (and a few books) that talk about the various work of employer branding within a company, but here is the the 101, the "here's what it means to be an employer brand practitioner" you can hand your new staff or someone interested in switching...

EP 149 – Content Creation for Employer Branding

Get your pen and paper out, folks! This is a deep dive into a tried and true process you can use to build a content creation machine that will help you build a steady stream of authentic, sharable content. And the best part? It's effectively free. Yes, free. In this...

EP 148 – Making an Impact?

We've all been convinced that we need to talk about how joining our company will help you make an impact, make a mark, or generally have some purpose. But why? Is it a legacy of millennial-attraction panic or something else? In this episode, we get serious about...

EP 147 – On Choice and Employer Brand

When was the last time you asked yourself, "how are candidates making a choice?" Or "if I am asking people to choose my brand, what are they basing that choice on?" It seems funny that it almost never comes up. Because the means by which human beings make choices, be...

EP 146 – Make Your Employer Brand Stick

Your employer brand isn't your EVP. It isn't your media plan. It isn't your video, social media or advocacy strategies. It's about what the staff says about what it's like to work there. In this episode, we breakdown the three phases of every good employer brand...

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EP 145 – The Junk Drawer Episode (Vol 2)

We did it a year and a half ago and as we approach the end of year three, its time to clear out the notes and half-baked ideas to create a clean desk to begin year four. From attribution, metrics, behavior change and all things in between, thank you for listening....

EP 144 – Does Salary Matter?

All the data suggests that salary is still the (or of the) primary drivers for job choices. But in a world where salary is be coming more transparent (and therefore similar), does a few bucks one way or the other really matter? The answer may surprise you. Find...

EP 143 – Is Your Employer Branding Working?

Desc Okay, okay. You know employer brand is important as a means of attracting and hiring the great talent your business needs to grow. You've invested time and energy (and money!) establishing and promoting that brand, but… But… How do you know it's really working?...

EP 142 – Should Employer Branding Ignore Recruiting?

Have we made a huge mistake, putting recruiting at the front and center of our employer branding strategy? Show notes: Ted Meulenkamp Find me:Recruitcon - NashvilleHireConf - NYCEmployer Brand Headlines (weekly digest of the EB world so you always look...

EP 141 – Reflect It or Change It

A strong employer brand starts by revealing what exists. Your job is to uncover who the company is and what it's really like to work there. But that's only half the job. You can't stop there. Because there are few people in the position you're in, one that can see so...

EP 140 – How Employer Brand Pros See the World

If you make your living as an employer brand professional, what is your job? Is it to write better job posts? Raise your Glassdoor score a little? Suggest better outreach messaging? Manage a CRM? Make hashtags? Obviously, you'll likely a lot of those jobs, but those...

EP 139 – Make The Familiar Strange

How do you attract attention to your brand? Interestingly, its a lot like how you're going to build internal buy-in. You're going to make the familiar strange (and the strange familiar). Show notes:Communicating the New by Kim Erwin (great book!) Find me:Recruitcon -...

EP 138 – Elephant In The Room

Desc Every company and every brand has that thing they don't talk about. That thing that everyone knows but bends over backwards to avoid referencing. They have an elephant in the room. And if you're in charge of your employer brand, you can choose to ignore the...

EP 137 – Skin in the Game

The race to "easiest possible application" has not been a race worth winning. Our ATS's are clogged with applicants we wouldn't hire in a million years simply because we've made it so easy. So what's past "peak easy application?" A world in which we actively and...