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Thinking With Real Data: The Lost Interviews #4 – Andrew Gadomski

There’s analytics. There’s metrics. And then there’s the magic and insight than Andrew creates every day. Prepare to have your mind blown (in a good way).

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Thinking With Real Data: The Lost Interviews #4 – Andrew Gadomski

There's analytics. There's metrics. And then there's the magic and insight than Andrew creates every day. Prepare to have your mind blown (in a good way). You can connect with Andrew on LinkedIn: Show Notes! Employer Brand...

The Power of Impact: The Lost Interviews #3 – Jill Dudones

I love talking about employer branding with people who aren't IN employer brand exclusively. That's why chatting with Jill was such a hoot. She has perspective and experience to burn, and it shows in this amazing chat. You can connect with Jill on LinkedIn:...

Talking At The Audience: The Lost Interviews #2 – Lindsay Parks

Fun fact: We recorded the first version of this interview more than a year ago, but it didn't record properly (there were tears). So Lindsay, being magnanimous and generous as always, let me take a second shot at it. Which is great, because she's seen some stuff and...

A More Efficient Trainwreck: The Lost Interview #1 – Katrina Kibben

Katrina Kibben is the reigning champion of all things job postings. There's no need to call a vote. There will be no recount. If you had any doubt, you have only to listen to this interview where they pinpoint any number of instances of "recruiting insanity" that most...

EP 190 – A Better Resume

Looking for a job? Yeah, I hear you. Looking for a job is the WORST! But you can take a bunch of lessons from your own employer branding work to create a resume that isn't just "good," but helps you stand out and get the job you want. Show notes: Talent Chooses You:...

EP 189 – The View from Here with Holland McCue

The future of employer branding (or maybe the maturation of it) lays in how well it is integrated into the corporate brand. The more your brand looks like a single idea seen through multiple lenses, the more each aspect can support the others. And there are few better...

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James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd

James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd

EP 188 – Lighthouses and Books with Charu Malhotra

This week we have a lovely long conversation with Charu Malhotra. Charu's worked on a number of employer brands that you've probably hear of, like Unilever, BP, Ferrero, etc. Enjoy! Show notes: Talent Chooses You: Hire Better with Employer Branding is available on...

EP 187 – Cognitive Bias

We all make decisions based on mental shortcuts and pattern recognition. It's just what humans do. But if you're building a brand, these same shortcuts can keep you from seeing the brand that's right in front of you. And the more you learn about these biases, perhaps...

EP 186 – All Employer Branding Is Local

We are seeing the end of "monolithic employer brands," concepts that focused more on consistency that connecting to a person. But if you start thinking about your brand and how it can leverage its pillars better to various micro-cultures, suddenly your brand has more...

EP 185 – Beyond Increments

In the last four months, everything has changed, including our candidates. They want different things, they behave differently, and the act differently. Have we changed our own processes the same way? Or are we still tweaking and optimizing? If the world is 100%...

EP 184 – Employer Brand? Or People Brand?

I'm seeing a lot of comments/chatter around businesses jettisoning their interest in employer brand as the pandemic/recession takes hold. And it makes sense: if you've built all your metrics and value around filling the top of the funnel, not having much of a...

EP 183 – Is Employer Brand Evolving?

Last year, employer brand was the buzz word, but where is the buzz now? Given a year or three to consider and implement employer branding strategies, where has employer brand landed as a corporate function?  Show notes: Talent Chooses You: Hire Better with Employer...

EP 182 – Chicken or the Egg?

The age old question: where should employer branding live? TA? Marketing? Comms? Like the "chicken or the egg" question, the answer involves a lot of evolution... Show notes: Talent Chooses You: Hire Better with Employer Branding is available on Amazon right now! Get...

EP 181 – Who’s In Charge?

Leadership determines the strategic direction of the company, and staff make it happen, right? Right? Lately, it sure seems like employees are having a lot more say in what the company is (and isn't) okay with. So who's really in charge? Show notes: Talent Chooses...

EP 180 – Taking a Stand

Yes, it is absolutely time for your employer brand to quit playing it safe. You and your brand need to take a stand for something. And while that sounds terrifying (trust me, I know), the opportunity it presents is absolutely amazing. Show notes: Talent Chooses You:...