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You can't party at lolla anymore with rob stevenson

Ep 177 – You Can’t Party at Lolla Anymore (with Rob Stevenson)

For those of you old enough to remember, there was a time when music came on vinyl (sit down old man!). There was a thing (mostly in the punk world) called a “split single,” where two bands who were friends would each take a side of the single.

In a similar punk spirit, Rob Stevenson of Talk Talent To Me and I decided to have a nice rambling conversation about Covid, the industry, and what was (and wasn’t) working for companies. This is part one of the conversation, but part two lives on Talk Talent To Me (so follow the link and listen to it!).


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I wrote three:

Talent Chooses You
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Ep 177 – You Can’t Party at Lolla Anymore (with Rob Stevenson)

For those of you old enough to remember, there was a time when music came on vinyl (sit down old man!). There was a thing (mostly in the punk world) called a "split single," where two bands who were friends would each take a side of the single. In a similar punk...

EP 176 – Taking Your Employer Brand Beyond the Obvious

Call it "employer blanding" or even "the sea of sameness," but there's a valid reason to think all employer brands look and feel the same. But that's not a rule or anything. The trick is learning how to push beyond the obvious to understand your talent targets and...

EP 175 – The Impossible Employer Brand Metric

Let us be blunt: the metrics we often use (time to fill, funnel conversion rates, quality of hire, cost per hire, etc) are... imprecise. And to be even more blunt, they aren't the kind of metrics that anyone outside of TA cares about. But what if there was one metric...

EP 174 – Creative vs Position

We all strive to build brand messages that stand out, that stick in people's minds long after they have been seen. So, how do you make that happen? Your instinct might be to ratchet up the creativity, to focus on making something unusual or with exceptional amounts of...

EP 173 – Finite and Infinite

Most recruiting functions work (and treat candidates) as if there's always more fish in the sea. They act as if there are an unlimited supply of candidates, so their job is to just find more. But what about in circumstances where there is a fixed number of potential...

EP 172 – What Really Changed?

In the last two months, we've seen changes to almost every aspect of our lives, both professionally and personally. So it might stand to reason that our employer brands should change, too. But is that true? Perhaps the answer to that question may determine how...

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James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd

James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd

EP 171 – The Four Drivers of Employer Brand

By now, you've been thinking about how your employer brand needs to react in light of...[looks around]... well, everything. Whether you inherited your brand or defined it yourself, things have changes and your brand needs to reflect it. But if you just slap a new...

EP 170 – Culture Wars

What is culture? And why is it I can still ask that question? You'd think after countless books, articles, podcasts, lectures and TED talks, we'd all know what we mean by culture. And yet, that doesn't seem to be the case. If you define your culture by your perks,...

EP 169 – Strength in Diversity

It feels to me that we often talk about the connection between diversity and employer brand as if its obvious, but is it really? In this conversation with my friend Madison Butler, VP of People at Sourced Craft Cocktails, we try to explore about the connection between...

EP 168 – Strategy, After the Fact

It really is a rare day when someone says, "go ahead and build our employer brand. We'll stand still for a few weeks or months while you figure it out..." More often, we are building a brand on top of existing ideas, collateral and content, trying to disparate ideas...

EP 167 – Beyond the New Normal

This episode is a kind of natural second chapter to last week's Employer Brand In The Time of COVID. In that episode, we talked about how you need to start thinking about how to manage your brand when physical proximity can't be an assumption. In this episode, we go...

Ep 166 – Employer Branding in the Time of COVID-19

Well, it seems like we're all working remotely all of a sudden, huh?  Welcome to the new normal. While there are plenty of resources on how to manage employees and manage yourself in a remote-office situation, no one has asked how we're going to manage our employer...

EP 165 – How Does It Feel?

If you take the definition of employer branding literally, you might be inclined to make employer brands for all the various teams, offices and roles within your company. I mean, that's how you're going to explain "what it's like to work here" with any kind of...

EP 164 – Employer Brand for Retention

We all know our first job is (or expected to be) one of attraction. And we all know that if we build a strong brand, it will impact retention. But how many of us are intentionally involving ourselves in the thorny retention issues of the company? In this episode, we...

EP 163 – The Authenticity Illusion

We all "know" that the employer brander's mantra is to create an authentic brand. What does that even mean? Is that even achievable? Is that even really a thing? Sadly, we've all brainwashed each other and ourselves into aspiring to something that crumbles with any...