Welcome to Season Two of The Talent Cast! The big news is that this season, I’m turning Talent Chooses You into an audiobook, revising and annotating from the text originally written three years ago. The entire project is brought to you by RecruitmentMarketing.com, and will take 6 months to complete.

What’s the difference between an EVP and an employer brand? 

It’s not a riddle, but for something so fundamental to our understanding of helping attract and retain talent, it seems like EVP, employer brand, brand position, and brand promise are almost never well-defined. I’ve been guilty of using them interchangeably, or just mirroring the terminology used by my customer in order to get to the work of crafting and communicating the brand.  

So let’s nail things down right here once and for all. What is the difference between an employer brand and an EVP?

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