Welcome to Season Two of The Talent Cast! The big news is that this season, I’m turning Talent Chooses You into an audiobook, revising and annotating from the text originally written three years ago. The entire project is brought to you by RecruitmentMarketing.com, and will take 6 months to complete.

There’s no doubt that asking, “What is a job?” seems like a strange question. But as the core unit of measurement, coin of the realm as it were, we should at least define it. Not as in, “the thing you do to make money” but as a recruiting concept. There was a time not long ago when most jobs were well defined. Everyone knew what the accountant did. Everyone knew what the assembler did. Everyone knew what the tool and die guy did.

We live in a time when our roles change on a very regular basis. We’re expected to learn new skills, expand our ability to make an impact and rethink our role every year, every quarter and some time every week. How you described what a “data scientist” or “marketer” or “office manager” did on a daily basis two years ago would get them fired today for lacking the ability to create value.

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