Episode 048 – Measuring What Matters in Recruiting and Hiring

How do you measure quality of pizza? Is it pizza topping distribution? Speed of delivery? Of course not. You measure how good it tastes. And yet…

Too often in talent acquisition, we measure things that are easy to measure and pretend they matter. That’s a collision course to mediocrity. In this episode, we break down the metrics we use all the time and how why they are meaningless, while suggesting better ones.

Show Notes:
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Employer Brand 101 Webinar
How To Reveal Your Employer Brand
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One thought on “Episode 048 – Measuring What Matters in Recruiting and Hiring

  1. Bob Gately says:

    Most all new hires are motivated so why do so many new employees seem to lose their motivation over time? 

    1. Competence, without it job success is unlikely. 


    2. Cultural Fit, without it successful working relationships are difficult to build and maintain. 


    3. Job Talent, without it lasting job success is unlikely at best. 

    Most employers do not address Job Talent.

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