Why an employer brand manifesto? There’s a reason employer brand people feel like a person without a country, not quite fitting into recruiting or marketing, but needing to influence both. In this episode, I try to plant a flag, defining the EB pro’s value (to ourselves and our employers), and start to see how employer brand might just be the way we re-invent this whole recruiting thing from the ground up.

So this is our rallying cry, a flag all employer brand professionals can point to and say, “yeah, this is why we’re amazing (and different by design)” that can be understood by recruiters, HR, business leaders, and marketers/comms.

The Manifesto
1 The Future Already Happened
2 It’s Not (Just) the Paycheck
3 The Brand Overrides the Role
4 What Work Before Won’t
5 Earn Awareness Before You Need It
6 Give Talent What They Want
7 Think Focus, Not Expansion
8 Your Brand Comes From Within
9 Your Brand Is Bigger Than You
10 Influence the Whole System
11 Mindset, Not Toolset

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